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Multimedia Resources Related to the Oil Spill


All of our photos and videos are public domain and are available for download. They may be used and/or edited by all media, private individuals, schools, etc. under the condition that all materials are credited to USFWS or US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Questions regarding oil spill related photos and videos found on this page, YouTube, or our Flickr site should be directed to:
Jennifer Strickland, New Media Specialist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region



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  • AUDIO RELEASE: Subject Matter Expert teleconference call July 2, 2010
    New Orleans, La. -- Wildlife experts discuss the rehabilitation of oiled birds, and overall impacts on birds in the Gulf of Mexico and migratory birds arriving in the region in the upcoming weeks. The experts are:
    • Paul Schmidt, Assistant Director for Migratory Birds for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    • Dr. Michael Ziccardi, Director of the University of California-Davis Oiled Wildlife Care Network
    • Dr. Heidi Stout, Executive Director of Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research Inc
    • Curt Clumpner, rehabilitation and capture specialist with International Bird Rescue Research Center
    • Samantha Gibbs, Avian Disease Coordinator for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    • Written transcript
  • AUDIO RELEASE: Subject Matter Expert teleconference call May 21, 2010
    ROBERT, La. - Subject matter experts hold a teleconference May 21, 2010 to discuss wildlife that may have been affected by the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill and the potential for broader ecosystem impacts during the ongoing response efforts to protect the Gulf of Mexico’s national wildlife refuges and national parks. The subject matter experts include:
    • Dr. Ralph Morgenweck, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Senior Science Advisor and Liaison Officer at the Unified Area Command
    • Roger Helm, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Chief of the Division of Contaminants
    • Dr. Glenn Plumb, National Park Service Wildlife Veterinarian
    • Dr. Teri Rowles, Director of NOAA Fisheries Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program
    • Barbara Schroeder, NOAA Fisheries National Sea Turtle Coordinator



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