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Visitors to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge listen to a presentation about archaeological resources on the refuge. Animated graphic that says - Learn, discover, protect


Interpretation and education are central themes in the USFWS mission. Several refuges have incorporated some of their significant cultural resources into brochures that they have available to visitors.

Interest in history is very important to many visitors to USFWS lands and is a growing interest across the country as well. For more information on education and history, please see the Banking on Nature report for more information about the growing heritage tourism industry. Please contact Eugene Marino to receive copies of publications shown here.

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Fish Car Era Booklet CoverTraveling coast to coast by train is no easy trip today. But back in 1874, just 5 years after the first transcontinental rail linkup, the journey was a downright arduous expedition – especially when tending 35,000 shad fry. For Dr. Livingston Stone of the U.S. Fish Commission (a forerunner of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), the trip was also a unique challenge. His job was to get the fish fry to California safe and sound for planting in the Sacramento River and other Pacific coastal streams. (Click on the booklet cover to view the entire PDF).

Piedmont NWR Issues New Historic Cemeteries Brochure >>
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