Historical Preservation Award

volunteers and staff restore the historic Whalley Homestead lighthouse buildings restored at Maine Coastal NWR Manticus Island Lighthouse on Maine Coastal Refuge
Volunteers and Staff from Lee Metcalf NWR restore the historic Whaley Homestead.
Photo: USFWS
Lighthouse buildings restored at Maine Coastal NWR
Photo: USFWS
Manticus Island Lighthouse on Maine Coastal Refuge
Photo: USFWS

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is responsible for protecting tens of thousands of archaeological and historic sites, sacred and traditional areas and scientifically-important museum collections that reflect the long and diverse history and traditions of our nation.

Every day, National Wildlife Refuge System staff perform outstanding work in support of the National Historic Preservation Act’s objectives that help meet our conservation mission.

The National Wildlife Refuge System Historic Preservation Award  will be used to recognize hard work and outstanding results in the protection and use of cultural resources that we manage.

Please follow the links for award criteria and nomination form. If you have any questions, contact  Eugene Marino, Service Archaeologist.

Historic Preservation Award Past Winners

2016  Whaley Homestead, Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

Lee Metcalf NWR was awarded the first National Wildlife Refuge System Historic Preservation Award based on their exceptional stewardship of the Whaley Homestead, an 1885 homestead and house, that have been a part of the Refuge since it was established in 1964.

2017 Lighthouse structures at Maine Coastal Refuge

Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge has won the 2017 Historic Preservation Award for its protection of 14 lighthouse structures on its five islands and its use of these historic structures to support research and resource management. The refuge protects and restores colonial nesting seabirds native to coastal islands. For the past 10 years, the refuge’s boat operator, James Fortier, has taken the lead in coordinating, overseeing and conducting renovation and restoration of the 14 lighthouse structures on the refuge’s five islands. The work has required extensive transporting of equipment and personnel to maintain the historical integrity of the 14 structures. The Historic Preservation Award was launched in 2016 to highlight achievements in the care and stewardship of cultural resources through innovative use of funds, development of partnerships, and use of the resource to educate local communities.