whale bone and skin boat frames Alle house archaeologist Nick Valentine excavating basketry St Marks
Whale Bone Rib Arc and Skin Boat Frames at Barrow, Alaska
Credit: Donna Dewhurst/USFWS
Allee House at Bombay Hook NWR prior to restoration
Archaeologist Nick Valentine excavating basketry
St Marks

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In September 2017 Wage Grade staff from across FWS participated in the re-roofing and re-construction of several buildings on the Louisville Swamp unit of Minnesota Valley NWR. The historic preservation workshop provided hands-on training to FWS staff delivered by instructors from the NPS' National Historic Preservation Training Center. The goal of the workshop is to help FWS staff and manager better address the needs of our historic buildings.

2018 St. Marks Lighthouse
Refuge staff through a partnership with the St. Marks Refuge Association, Inc., have worked to restore the St. Marks Lighthouse, a National Register-listed property transferred to the Service from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2013. As part of this effort, the Association has been tireless in its goal of preserving the lighthouse and has successfully competed for Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation Grants, which facilitated restoration of the Fresnel lens, the lantern room, and its gallery in 2016 and the restoration of the remainder of the lighthouse, as well as development of interpretive exhibits in 2018. The lighthouse was formally re-opened to the public in May, 2019.

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