National Conservation Training Center
Credit: Brian Jonkers/USFWS


Training for USFWS employees is a central feature of the USFWS Cultural Resources program. A well-informed workforce greatly enhances the ability to adequately execute FWS stewardship responsibilities.

There are several options for obtaining training on cultural resources for FWS staff.

First, staff are encouraged to look at “Considering Cultural Resources” a publication produced by the Cultural Resources staff in Region 1/8.  This publication provides a very good introduction to many of the kinds of responsibilities that FWS has towards its cultural resources

Second, FWS offers two courses that help staff better understand how to comply with cultural resources law and manage resources in the field.

1.  Cultural Resources Overview (CLM2117 in the NCTC catalog)

Course Description
This course offers an overview of cultural resource management issues affecting Fish and Wildlife Service programs.  Topics to be covered include compliance with Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act and related laws and regulations; law enforcement and protection of archaeological resources; the care and management of historic buildings and structures, etc. 

Course Delivery
Distance Learning- Instructor moderated independent study

Who Should Attend
Project leaders and their assistants, Regional Office program managers and staff, and other Refuge, Realty or Ecological Services staff involved in management activities affecting the identification and protection of cultural resources.

  1. Length 10 hours per week for 3 weeks
  2. College Credit 1 semester hours
  3. Tuition for FWS, NPS, and BLM is prepaid. For participants from other agencies and organizations, there is a tuition charge of $200.00.

To Register
Register online at using DOILearn, the Department of the Interior’s Learning Management System, contact Frank Muth 304-876-7471 or at NCTC for assistance
Course is offered once per year.


2.  Preservation Skills Workshop

Background: The infrastructure of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, like that of any federal agency, is made of many different kinds of assets.  These assets are numerous and all require care and maintenance.  A significant portion of these assets fall into the category of Heritage asset—those assets with an intrinsic historic value, beyond the basic cost of their replacement that distinguishes them from non-heritage assets.  In order to effectively manage its Heritage Assets, the FWS has included a process for determining adequate condition measures (Facility Condition Index) for these buildings.  Unlike its non-heritage assets however, proper assessment of a Heritage Asset FCI requires specialized expertise to adequately gauge the true maintenance needs of these kinds of facilities

  1. Method of Delivery Instructor-led training including lecture and work-centered instruction
  2. Length of Workshop 80 Hours
  3. Class Size  15
  4. Target Audience FWS maintenance employees directly responsible for maintaining and repairing historic structures.
  5. Cost   $0 for FWS

Additionally, if you require assistance or desire Regional training, please contact your Regional Historic Preservation Officer (add link to Contact Us)

For general questions on Cultural Resources training opportunities please contact, Eugene Marino, Service Archaeologist at 703-358-2173 or