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Louisiana Migratory Bird Field Office

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Tom Edwards
Supervisory Wildlife Biologist

Louisiana Migratory Bird
Field Office
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
2312 Quebec Road

Tallulah, LA 71282
Ph: 318-574-2664 ext. 105
Fax: 318-574-1624

Louisiana- MBFS


Louisiana, Field Office Activity Highlights:

Accomplish wetland enhancement and restoration on private lands through programs such as the Arkansas partners and partners for Fish and Wildlife. Over 100,000 acres at more than 400 sites have been enhanced/restored under the Arkansas partners project (APP) since 1993. Agencies cooperating with the Service in the APP include Ducks Unlimited, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
Act as a key liaison with the natural Resources Conservation Service regarding consultation and delivery of such programs as Wetland Reserve program (WRP), Wildlife habitat Incentives Program (WHIP), and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).
Serve as the Service representative on a statewide interagency committee to coordinate the "Managing Rice for Ducks" 4-H youth program. Serve as program sponsor for an annual awards trip to the waterfowl breeding grounds.
Accomplish refuge assistance needs such as: Work with planning teams to assure biologically sound Comprehensive Conservation Plans that reflect the regions broader migratory bird, wetlands, flyway, and ecosystem goals and objectives; Annually review refuge management plans, inventory plans, etc. and provides recommendations for best techniques and designs for biological monitoring programs; Identify and recommend land acquisition activities necessary to meet Service migratory bird, bio diversity, and wetlands conservation objectives. Evaluate land acquisition proposals within the state and review Preliminary Project Investigation reports to evaluate the need to proceed with a land acquisition process; Provide training and biological information transfer services to all Refuges and Wildlife project leaders in Arkansas; Meet migratory bird program needs by coordinating and accomplishing required national flyway surveys and banding programs. This involves guidance and overview of the statewide annual dove survey, duck and goose (statewide) surveys, and special programs such as preseason wood duck banding, shorebird inventories, and neo-tropical bird projects.



Last Updated: October 2016