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Steelhead TroutSteelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Steelhead trout, the sea run form of rainbow trout, is one of the most popular sport fish in the Pacific Northwest. The Lower Snake River Compensation Plan was authorized by Congress to mitigate for losses of steelhead and salmon caused by the construction and operation of the four lower Snake River dams. Hagerman currently raises 1.4 million steelhead as part of the Plan. The hatchery receives eyed eggs from other state hatcheries and transports and releases the steelhead smolts into the Salmon River basin.

See a short video of Hagerman NFH juvenile steelhead leaping in the hatchery's rearing raceways.

Rainbow Trout (O. mykiss)

Rainbow trout is the resident form of O. mykiss. They remain in freshwater their entire life. Hagerman NFH currently recieves 150,000 eyed triploid rainbow trout eggs from Hayspur State Fish Hatchery in Idaho each December. The following May, 90,000, 5-inch fish are transported and released into various local waters to support Idaho Department of Fish and Game "put, grow, and take fisheries". During the following fall, 40,000 9-inch catchable rainbow trout fish are released into local reservoirs.


Last updated: September 5, 2013

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