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Hatchery Evaluation and Review

The Hagerman Hatchery Evaluation Team (HET) meets quarterly or as needed to design Hatchery research projects. The team consists of members from the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, the Idaho Fisheries Resource Office, and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and the USFWS Abernathy Fish Technology Center. A complete list of HET reports can be found on the Reports page.

In addition to the Hatchery Evaluation Team, in 2005, the Service initiated a series of hatchery reviews to assure that its hatchery programs in the Northwest are part of a scientifically-sound and integrated strategy — consistent with State, Tribal, and other Federal strategies — for conserving wild stocks and managing fisheries in watersheds within the Region. The reviews of 53 programs at 24 federally-owned hatcheries in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington were completed in 2011. As a result of the Hagerman NFH review, the following recommendations have been implemented.


 The Hagerman National Fish Hatchery (HNFH) started producing East Fork Hatchery steelhead for Magic Valley Steelhead Hatchery (MVSH), in exchange for MVSH producing Dworshak B and Pahsimerio steelhead for HNFH.  This swap allows for all Salmon River Basin production at HNFH.

Monitoring and Evaluation

 Hagerman NFH works annually with Idaho Department of Fish and Game to represent CWT tagging, representative egg takes, and data management.


The display pond on Hatchery grounds was made ADA accessible and mixing chamber valve has been replaced.

Hatchery Evaluation Team

The Hagerman HET performed various studies to address concerns brought upon the HRT.

Visit the Pacific Region Hatchery Review site or go directly to Hagerman NFH documents.


Last updated: August 20, 2013

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