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Module 5: 
How to Conduct a Wetlands Mapping Project

This module is a step-by-step guide to assist our cooperators and data contributors in successfully submitting wetlands data to the National Wetlands Inventory to form the Wetlands Layer of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).  When you have completed this module, in combination with other available modules, you will be on your way to contributing your wetlands data.

Part 1:  Getting Started

Section 1:  Preparation and Planning
Section 2:  Coordination
Section 3:  Internet Resources
Section 4:  How to acquire (“check-out”) and edit a geodatabase
Section 5:  Loading and managing imagery and collateral data

Part 2:  Editing Tips and Tricks using Technology

Section 1:  Misc. Tips and Tricks
Section 2:  Using the NWI Attribution Tool 

Part 3:  Quality Control

Section 1:  Quality Control Process
Section 2:  Field Verification
Section 3:  NWI Verification Tool
Section 4:  Common Errors

Part 4:  Required forms/reports/metadata

Part 5:  Submission of Data


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