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A -

· Assessment and Monitoring


· Bird Habitat Conservation Division homepage
· Birdscape magazine


· Clean Water Act, Section 404, Dredge and Fill project review
· Coastal Barrier Resource System management and mapping
· Coastal Grants
· Coastal partnerships with other agencies
· Coastal Program resources assessments, ex: Gulf of Maine, New York Bight,
  and Texas coastal

· Contaminants and water quality standards
· Contaminants remediation

· Contaminants technical assistance for pesticides, oil spills
  and Superfund sites

· Coral Reefs
· courses in conservation for adults - National Conservation Training Center

D -

· Duck Stamp Office homepage
· Duck Stamp revenue buys habitat and is a fun art contest

· dredge and fill, Clean Water Act, Section 404, project review

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E -

· Education and Getting Involved
· Endangered Species Division homepage
· Endangered Species Bulletin
· endangered species consultation with Federal Agencies
  and private landowners, and other partners such as tribes and states

· Endangered Species Grants
· Endangered Species Recovery Plans and monitoring of habitat
· Endangered Species Recovery Plans and habitat restoration
· Environmental Quality Division homepage

F -

· Federal Aid to States (PR&DG funds)
·  FERC (Federal Energy Reg. Comm.) hydropower licensing review
· Fish passage restoration through local partnerships

· Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act consultation with Agencies
· Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance to Tribes, Military, others
· Friends groups for Refuges

G -

· Grants
  Coastal Grants
  Endangered Species Grants
  international grants
  Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act matching grants
  North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) - grants
· Gulf of Maine Coastal Program resources assessments

H -

· Habitat Protection, Management and Restoration
· Habitattitude, multiple-partner initiative to reduce intriduced invasive aquatic species · Habitat is...Home Sweet Home, WildThings 2003
· hydropower licensing review under FERC (Federal Energy Reg. Comm.)

I -

· images - photographs and drawings
· international grants (Mexico, Latin America and Caribbean, Russia, elephants,
  great apes, rhinoceros and tigers)
· international habitat conservation assistance
· International wetlands conservation

· Invasive Species program - interagency cooperation and Aquatic Nuisance Species
  Task Force

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J -

· Joint Ventures - five Mountain/Prairie interagency partnership initiatives under the North
  American Waterfowl Management Plan (ex: prairie pothole, playa lakes, Rainwater Basin)
· Junior Duck Stamp Contest

L -

· landowners, partnering with to cost-share habitat restoration


· National Conservation Training Center
· National Fish Habitat Initiative
· National Wetlands Inventory
· National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS)
· Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping
· The Nature of Learning
· Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act matching grants (U.S., Latin America, and Caribbean)

· NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) project reviews
· New York Bight Coastal Program resources assessment
· transportation planning
· North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) - wetland grants to organizations and individuals (US, Mexico & Canada)

O -

·Oil spills

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P -

· Partners for Fish and Wildlife program homepage
· partnering with landowners to cost-share habitat restoration

· Partnerships, Grants, and Financial Assistance for Habitat Conservation
· pesticides
· Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas
· Playa Lakes Joint Venture
· Prairie Pothole Joint Venture
· Project Planning, Permits, Technical Assistance and Review

R -

· Rainwater Basin Joint Venture
· Realty - buying or leasing habitat for the NWR System
· Refuges - National Wildlife Refuges
· Refuge Planning, by Region
· Refuge Special Management Areas (Biosphere reserves, Research Natural Areas, Shorebird Reserves, Wetlands of International Imprtance, Wilderness)

S -

· Schoolyard habitat
· Service's Kids/Educators Page
· Shorebirds Sister Schools Program
Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Protect Your Waters
· Superfund sites

T -

· Take Pride in America things you can do and awards program
· Texas coastal Coastal Program resources assessment

U -

· USAFreedomCorps.gov for a list of other conservation activities and to track your
  volunteer activities

V -

· Volunteer.Gov/gov for a listing of opportunities within the Federal government
  and USAFreedomCorps.gov
for a list of other conservation activities and to track your
  volunteer activities

W -

· water quality standards and contaminants
· wetland maps and reports

· wind energy projects review
· Wetlands Kids & Educators Page
· Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, information from EPA
· Wilderness

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