Gulf Restoration
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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) in the Gulf


The Gulf Coast Region is included within four Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: Gulf Coast Prairie; Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks; South Atlantic; and Peninsular Florida. The Gulf Coast Landscape Conservation Cooperatives have made great progress in establishing an integrated network of diverse partners to focus on landscape restoration and conservation. As the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives mature, they will continue to advance the goals of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Strategy and the newly formed Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem across state and other boundaries, the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives established a Gulf Coast Landscape Conservation Liaison as a shared position between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA.

The liaison position supports collaboration, and facilitates a coordinated approach to conservation between the Gulf Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. In addition, the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives have leveraged their extensive partnership networks across the Gulf Coast to strategically apply resources and expertise to address Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration and conservation science gaps identified by resource managers.

For more information and specific examples of how LCCs have brought together partners to address the goals of Gulf Coast restoration, please review this fact sheet on LCCs in the Gulf.

Download a fact sheet featuring the logos of all partners participating in Gulf LCCs.

Read the June 24, 2013 letter submitted by the four Gulf LCCs to the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council.




A group of people standing in the woods

Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture members and partners at White River National Wildlife Refuge. Photo: Keith McKnight.

Landscape photo of a marsh

Panhandle marsh. Photo: Melody Ray Culp.

Last updated: September 23, 2013