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Columbia River Gorge NFH Complex Manager
This position is currently vacant.

Little White Salmon NFH Manager
Bob Turik came to Little White Salmon NFH after serving four years at Hagerman NFH in Idaho. Prior to that, he spent 20 years with the Idaho Fish and Game Department working at various hatcheries and with many species. Bob served four years as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps as a Tank Company Commander and has a Bachelor's degree from Mansfield University in Aquaculture/Biology.

Lori Orr is responsible for all administrative activities for the two station Complex. Lori took on the duties as the Complex Adminstrative Officer during 2005 after working the previous 5 years as the Fisheries Program Assistant at Carson NFH. Lori's duties include all human resource, budgetary and fiscal functions as well as coordinating activities at the largest government housing complex in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (we have 14 houses at the Complex!).

Fishery Biologist
Peter Long is the current Fishery Biologist located at Little White Salmon NFH. Biologists are responsible for collecting data and tracking the performance of spring and fall chinook salmon produced at the hatchery.
Orlanda John is a biologist in training through the Pathways Program, she is attending the Portlnad State University.

Fish Culture
David Frost and Tyson Lankford are fish culturists responsible for the day-to-day care of more than 7 million spring and fall chinook salmon reared at the hatchery.

Maintenance employee Larry Leighton is the "fix-it" staff-person at the hatchery being responsible for maintenance activities to support the hatchery fish production program.

The station also has an active Information and Education program under the direction of Cheri Anderson and Jennifer Rowlen. Cheri came to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in October 1998 after spending nearly eight years working as an Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service. Cheri has a B.A. in Education for Biology and Reading and a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana. Jennifer has a B.A. in Geography and Ecology from San Diego State University and an M.S. in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon State College. She has enjoyed working for the U.S. Forest Service and various Conservation organizations prior to joining USFWS.

Last updated: June 4, 2015
Little White Salmon National Fish Hatchery
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