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  • Forest Youth Success!

    Forest Youth Success youth crew

    Skamania County Forest Youth Success crews provided over 400 volunteer hours this summer! Learn more about this valuable program...Forest Youth Success!

  • Just Keep Growing...

    Willard NFH

    About one million Upriver Bright Fall Chinook salmon that were received as eggs from the Little White Salmon NFH will be moved from their indoor tanks to outdoor raceways in mid-February.

what's happening at the hatchery

Coho Partnership

About 1.14 million Coho salmon are nearing the end of their time at the Willard National Fish Hatchery. On February 12, we will begin to transfer these salmon to the Yakama Nation, we will transfer about 265,000 salmon per shipment. They will travel to north central Washington to acclimation ponds in various locations. All of the transfers will be completed by April 10, 2019. Ultimately these Coho will be released into the Wenatchee and Methow River drainages.

Credit: Florian Graner

Last Updated: February 13, 2020
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