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  • Local Fishing Opportunities!

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    All you need to know for fishing can be found on the new Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Mobile Fishing app. Fish Washington puts up-to-the-minute fishing regulations at your fingertips!

  • Learn About Our Hatcheries...

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    The Gorge facilities were highlighted in a recent Outdoor GPS segment. Take a look here to learn more about National Fish Hatcheries and where salmon come from!

  • This Time of Year...

    Incubation Room

    This time of year our 11.5 million tule fall Chinook salmon fry have been moved to outdoor raceways where they will spend the next 4 months feeding and growing!

what's happening at the hatchery

Winter at the Hatchery...

The end of the year means transferring our salmon fry from the incubation building to the outdoor raceways. We wrapped up moving all 11.5 million tule fall Chinook salmon outdoors Janauary 3, 2020. The small fry are fed eight times a day a specialized starter salmon feed. Days are cold, but our fish culturists work hard cleaning the ponds and keeping them fed! The long task of cleaning all the incubation trays begins now that the fry are out of them. Members of the Fish Marking crew will also begin getting the Marking Trailers set up in February.

This time of year at the hatchery can be beautiful and full of nature surprises. Our entrance road begins as a Washington State Park, where walking along the mile-long entrance road is very relaxing. We have a 1/2 mile interpretive trail, or you can simply walk along the road. Many types of waterfowl and birds grace the road; and this time of year one often sees golden and bald eagles. The Licorice Fern have popped out with the cooler temperatures and rain. The occassional snowfall blankets the rocky features and makes for a wonderful winter walk!

Recent spring creek NFH Fish Returns

As of October 01, 2019, 15,570 adult tule fall Chinook have returned to the hatchery.
As of October 01, 2018, 16,578 adult Tule Fall Chinook Salmon have returned to Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery .
Last Updated: February 13, 2020
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