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  • Local Fishing Opportunities!

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    All you need to know for fishing can be found on the new Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Mobile Fishing app. Fish Washington puts up-to-the-minute fishing regulations at your fingertips!

  • Tule Fall Chinook Final Numbers...

    tule fall Chinook salmon

    Spawning season is complete! 16,937 Tule Fall Chinook salmon returned to the hatchery; 5,929 were spawned to meet our production goal of 10.5 million salmon. We surplussed roughly 9,000 salmon to Washington Food Banks.

  • The Journey Begins...

    fish release

    All 10.5 million tule fall Chinook salmon have been released for the year. These salmon will spend the next 2-5 years swimming off the coast of Washington and British Columbia. Our adults will return to spawn in late August.

what's happening at the hatchery

Spring at the Hatchery...

We have released all of our broodyear 2018 salmon for the year. They will spend the next 2-5 years feeding and growing in the Pacific Ocean. Hatchery workers are busy power washing the empty raceways in preparation of the adults returning in late August. 

This is a wonderful time of year to visit the hatchery for outdoor enjoyment! Our entrance road begins as a Washington State Park, where on windy days you can enjoy watching an array of colorful windsurfing sails and often kite boarders too. Walking along the mile-long entrance road is very relaxing. We have a 1/2 mile interpretive trail, or you can simply walk along the road. Many types of waterfowl and birds grace the road, and don't forget to watch for the wildlfowers along the way. We have benches for relaxing and picnic tables for snacking, do stop in.

Recent spring creek NFH Fish Returns

As of October 01, 2018, 16,578 adult Tule Fall Chinook Salmon have returned to Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery .
Last Updated: May 24, 2019
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