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  • We are pleased to welcome back Susan and Tom!

    Hatchery Hosts

    Susan and Tom are spending their second season with us as onsite RV volunteers. They're helping out with grounds maintenance, visitor services, etc. Welcome back!


  • Giving a Helping Hand to Pollinators

    mason bee homes

    Pollinator sightings have increased since we planted native flowering plants and created homes for Mason bees. Butterflies, bees and flies abound! 

  • Fishing Drano Lake

    fishing on Drano Lake

    Drano Lake is very popular with anglers. Check fishing regulations on the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife's website or pamphlet.


what's happening at the hatchery

Spring Chinook Spawning Begins!

Friday, August 16th we will check fish for ripeness and plan on having our first spawn day on August 20th. Please come by and watch the process or even join in! 

Call 509-538-2755

Message us on Facebook.

Recent Little White Salmon Fish Returns

As of July 16, 2019, 2,906 adult Spring Chinook have returned to Little White Salmon .
Last Updated: August 15, 2019

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These fish were raised at Quilcene National Fish Hatchery. While we don't raise coho salmon at Little White Salmon NFH, the egg-to-fry hatch for our spring and Upriver Bright fall Chinook salmon is similar. Credit: Florian Graner

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