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Public Fishing Opportunities
Willard National Fish Hatchery



Willard National Fish Hatchery, located in Skamania County on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, is approximately five miles upstream from Drano Lake and Little White Salmon National Fish Hatchery. The hatchery has provided public access to fishing opportunities on the Little White Salmon River since its establishment in 1952.This access is codifed in the hatchery's Fishing Plan and Environmental Assessment.

Bank fishing access is allowed through and on Service property southeast of the Cook-Underwood Road. The Service owns approximately 10.5 acres of forested, accessible land on the southeast side of the road, which includes approximately 600 feet of shoreline on the northwest bank of the Little White Salmon River (see area circled in blue, below).
The hatchery area open to public fishing is approximately 1,400 feet downstream of the Cook-Underwood Bridge. There are several pullouts at the bridge that provide parking opportunities for anglers.

Access to the river upstream of the Cook-Underwood Bridge across Service-owned land is restricted due to infrastructure, safety, and operational needs.

Map identifying public fishing access at Willard National Fish Hatchery
Fishing access at Willard National Fish Hatchery is highlighted in the blue oval. Click on the image above for an enlarged version. Credit: USFWS

Hatchery Fishing Plan highlights, rules, and regulations:

  • • Hatchery and fishing area boundaries will be clearly posted. River access on hatchery-owned property above the hatchery-owned property is restricted.

  • • Fishing on hatchery lands is allowed year round during daylight hours only.

    • Camping, overnight use, and fires are prohibited.

    • Pets are welcome, but must be on a leash at all times.
Image of rainbow trout, photo credit Mark Lisac, U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceRainbow trout. Credit: Mark Lisac/USFWS


Applicable State and Tribal Regulations:

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Regulations, including species and take limits, apply when fishing on Willard National Fish Hatchery property.


  • • Anglers must obtain a Washington State fishing license and follow Washington State laws, limits, and regulations.

  • • Enforcement of fishing regulations on hatchery property will primarily be conducted by state wildlife law enforcement officers. Federal law enforcement may randomly check anglers for compliance with Federal and state laws.
Image of cutthroat trout, photo credit David Leer, Oregon State University (Public Domain)

Cutthroat trout. Credit: David Leer, Oregon State University (Public Domain)

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Last Updated: July 31, 2020
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