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  • A Place for Pollinators

    pollinator garden

    The hatchery has taken on improving habitat for pollinators! Most recently we have added several new Dogwood trees in memory of Gale Varner, a long time hatchery volunteer.

  • What We Do...

    Coho Salmon

    Eagle Creek produces 1.5 million Coho salmon annually. 350,000 are released on site, 550,000 are transferred to the Nez Perce Tribe and 500,000 are transferred to the Yakama Nation to support Coho restoration projects in their watersheds.

  • Salmon Released...

    Eagle Creek

    Late in March of 2020 we released approximately 350,000 Coho smolts into Eagle Creek. 

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

    During the current public health emergency, the hatchery remains closed to the public. Please call the hatchery directly at (503) 630-6270 for further information. More information: FWS Coronavirus Response page.

what's happening at the hatchery

What's Hatchin'?

As summer starts to lean towards fall, the hatchery crew is looking at wrapping up the maintenance projects that need good weather, while also starting to look forward to having the wet weather return.  The flows in Eagle Creek have been good this year, remaining about 20% better than they have in the last four years – a significant benefit of a wet spring that is much appreciated by the fish.  As fish culturists, we never complain about more water - even if it means that some maintenance tasks may be more challenging to complete in the rain. 

Fingerlings from last year’s spawning are thriving and on track for growth at this time of year.  This good water year has been helpful and the fish are doing what most young animals do – eating and growing and eating and growing. 

Toward the end of September/start of October, we look forward to seeing the first of the adult Coho return.  The fish really respond to rain events and their arrival timing will be influenced by the fall rains.  The fish ladder has been open for much of the summer to assist in Spring Chinook broodstock collection for ODFW’s Clackamas hatchery, so when the Coho start to arrive we should spot them in the pond pretty quickly.  We are expecting a lower than usual number of adults returning as last fall we had only 101 jacks arrive.  The normal number of jacks is around 250-275, and a lower number is a potential indicator that the Brood Year 2017 smolt group, which were released in the spring of 2019, did not thrive as well as typical, resulting in fewer than typical adults returning.  The 2 year old jack vs 3 year old adult numbers are not a straight line relationship, but more of a ballpark feel for trends, so we are hoping that this year we are wrong about our expected return size.  

Soon we will be doing the final few things to prepare the spawning and incubation rooms for use.  Spawning will commence late in October through mid-November.  Our scheduled spawn dates are currently Oct 30, Nov 6 and Nov 13th.  Regretfully the hatchery remains closed to the public due to COVID 19.  We will not be able to host visitors or volunteers on spawn dates due to the need to maintain social distancing among both guests and staff.  We look forward to seeing you all here again for the 2021 spawning adventure.

Recent Fish Returns

As of December 03, 2019, 3,732 adult Coho have returned to Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery .
As of November 20, 2018, 3,719 adult coho salmon have returned to Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery .
Last Updated: October 22, 2020
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