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Our Hatchery Programs



  • Carson National Fish Hatchery

    ElkCarson National Fish Hatchery produces 1.47 million spring Chinook smolts (young salmon) annually, including 250,000 smolts for tribal efforts to restore salmon to the Walla Walla River Basin. This program has the goal of producing a naturally spawning, self-sustaining population of spring Chinook in the Walla Walla Basin. The hatchery also helps mitigate for fish losses in the Columbia River Basin due to the impacts of main stem hydropower, and contributes to important tribal ceremonial/subsistence fisheries as well as non-tribal sport fisheries.

    Manager - Larry Zeigenfuss
  • Eagle Creek NFH


    Eagle Creek raises 1.5 million coho salmon and 90,000 winter steelhead annually. The hatchery releases 350,000 coho and the winter steelhead on site, while 500,000 coho transferred to the Yakama Nation and 550,000 coho are transferred to the Nez Perce Tribe to support coho restoration projects in their watersheds.

    Hatchery Manager - Caroline Peterschmidt.

  • Little White Salmon NFH


    Little White Salmon produces 4.5 million upriver bright fall Chinook and 1 million spring Chinook salmon for direct release into the Little White Salmon River. They also provide 1.7 million upriver bright fall Chinook salmon to the Prosser Hatchery, 2.2 million upriver bright fall Chinook eggs to the Willard NFH, 5.2 million eggs to the Klickitat Hatchery and 2.25 million eggs to the Bonneville Hatchery. In total they take approximately 16.5 million eggs for annual programming.

    Hatchery Manager - Bob Turik
  • Spring Creek NFH


    Spring Creek raises 10.5 million tule fall Chinook salmon annually to support a commercial and sport fishery as well as fulfill tribal trust responsibilities.

    Hatchery Manager - David Carie
  • Warm Springs NFH


    Warm Springs produces 750,000 spring Chinook salmon for direct release into the Warm Springs River annually.

    Hatchery Manager - Terry Freije
  • Willard NFH


    Willard rears up to one million coho salmon for the Yakama Nation and two million upriver bright fall Chinook salmon from the Little White Salmon NFH. These bright salmon are released directly into the Little White Salmon River at the hatchery.

    Hatchery Manager - vacant
Last Updated: June 23, 2021
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