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Coastal Program Strategic Plan

In 2006, the Coastal Program developed its first national strategic plan which included step down plans for each program. The Gulf of Maine Coastal Program step down plan identified two focus areas for conservation delivery: a coastal wetlands, rivers and forest habitats focus area and coastal islands focus area. Selection criteria included trust species diversity, intact landscapes/watersheds, partnership opportunities, threats and capabilities. Program staff concentrate habitat conservation activities in these focus areas.

You can find our 2006 Coastal Program Strategic Plan which includes the GOMCP step down plan at

We are currently in the process of revising our 2006 plan. When that plan is finalized, we will provide more information and links here.

Region 5 Ecological Services Priority Planning Process

We are also working on a priority planning process with the USFWS Maine Field Office that will help both offices identify specific focal areas for our work and develop action plans for the next three to five years, while facilitating opportunities for collaboration.


Last updated: September 5, 2013

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