Kentucky Ecological Services Field Station
Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

Staff Listing

Name Function Phone Number E-Mail Address
Carrie Allison Wildlife Biologist (consultation) 502-695-0468, ext 103
Lee Andrews Field Supervisor 502-695-0468, ext 108
Mike Armstrong Wildlife Biologist (recovery) 502-695-0468, ext101
Vacant Office Assistant/Budget Officer 502-695-0468, ext 107  
Phil DeGarmo Wildlife Biologist (transportation) 502-695-0468, ext 110
Michael Floyd Wildlife Biologist (recovery) 502-695-0468, ext 102
Jennifer Garland Deputy Field Supervisor 502-695-0468, ext 115
Vacant Wildlife Biologist (interdisciplinary/energy) 502-695-0468, ext 116  
Brent Harrel Private Lands (private lands coordinator) 502-229-4630
Vacant Administrative Assistant 502-695-0468, ext 109  
Leroy Koch Senior Biologist (Ohio River coordinator) 502-695-0468, ext 106
Santiago Martin Wildlife Biologist (consultation) 502-695-0468 ext 116
Jessi Miller Wildlife Biologist (pre-develpment consultation) 502-695-0468, ext 104
Andy Radomski Wildlife Biologist (private lands - West Kentucky) 270-703-4114



Last updated: November 29, 2018
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