Kentucky Ecological Services Field Station
Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

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All photos: Brent Harrel - USFWS

Earth moving with a dozer

Brush shearing to remove unwanted vegetation during a prairie restoration project in the Big Barrens of Kentucky


Little Blue Stem

Little Blue Stem in a Kentucky Barren


KY Barren in Fall

Kentucky Barren in the Fall


woodland fire

Prescribed woodland fire to remove invasives from Short's goldenrod.


prescribed burn

Prescribed woodland fire to restore Short's goldenrod


prescribed burn

Prescribed fire to restore rare prairie habitat in the Big Barrens


big barrens prairie

Big Barrens Prarie - One year after prescribed fire


lapland glade prarie

Lapland Glade Prairie one year after a prescribed fire.


monitoring photo

Pollinator Monitoring Before Restoration in Big Barrens


Native Pollinator - Bee


Native Pollinators










Last updated: May 1, 2015
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