Kentucky Ecological Services Field Station
Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

Questions and Answers

What does Ecological Services do?

  • The Ecological Services program encompasses four major activities:

    (1)  Habitat Conservation - involves assisting various federal agencies in analyzing impacts to fish and wildlife resources of the projects that they either perform, permit, license, or fund.

    (2)  Endangered Species - involves listing species under the Endangered Species Act, encouraging the recovery of species listed and assisting federal agencies in complying with the Act.

    (3)  Environmental Contaminants - involves the identification and prevention of harm to trust resources caused by environmental contaminants and assistance in the recovery of damaged habitats that support trust species.

    (4)  Partners for Fish and Wildlife - involves assisting private landowners in habitat enhancement/restoration activities that benefit trust resources.

What are trust resources?

  • Trust resources include migratory birds, species listed under the Endangered Species Act, inter-jurisdiction fishes, marine mammals, wetlands, and Service lands.

Where do I get a fishing or hunting license?



Last updated: November 27, 2017
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