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This site contains only public permit forms.

All Internal FWS forms are now located only on the FWS internal SharePoint site
(accessible to FWS employees with PIV card).

Free Adobe Reader software required to open PDF and PDF-F files. PDF (PDF) files can only be printed and filled out manually. Fillable PDFs (PDF-F) allow fields to be filled in on the screen and printed. To save a filled-in form for later use, you need the full Adobe Acrobat Program.

Form No. Format OPR Title Date Reference
3-2405  Printed R4  Visitor Check-In Permit and Report - Issued by refuge
1018-0153 (Expires 12/31/18)
3-2406  PDF-F R7  Non-Native Marine Mammal Tagging Certificates
1018-066 (Expires 6/30/17)
3-2414  Printed R7  Polar Bear Tagging Certificates
1018-0066 (Expires 6/30/17)
3-2415  Printed R7  Walrus Tagging Certificates
1018-0066 (Expires 6/30/17)
3-2416  Printed R7  Sea Otter Tagging Certificates
1018-0066 (Expires 6/30/17)
3-2432  PDF-F DEN  Contractor Notification Form for Asbestos
08/18 561 FW 8      
3-2469  PDF-F NWRS  Oil and Gas Operations Special Use Permit Application
1018-0162 (Expires 11/30/19)
3-2480  PDF-F MBMO  Eagle Recovery Tag
1018-0022 (Expires 4/30/21)
3-2484  PDF-F MBMO  Certificate for Sale of Alaska Native Handcrafts Including Migratory Bird Parts
1018-0168 (Expires 9/30/20)

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