Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Who's Who in the Action Plan

Fish Habitat Partnerships

Fish Habitat Partnerships are the primary work units of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. These partnerships are formed around important aquatic habitats and distinct geographic areas, (e.g., Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership,) “keystone” fish species (e.g., eastern brook trout and western native trout), or system types (e.g., large lakes, impoundments, and estuaries). Fish Habitat Partnerships are modeled after migratory bird conservation Joint Ventures.

National Fish Habitat Board

The National Fish Habitat Board is responsible for promoting, overseeing, and coordinating implementation of the Action Plan. The Board is a voluntary association of public and private sector entities, with representatives from a wide variety of stakeholder groups, State, and Federal agencies including the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

National Fish Habitat Board. Photo: USFWS

National Fish Habitat Board. Credit: USFWS

Federal Caucus

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service chairs the Federal Caucus. The Caucus consists of 19 Federal agencies with an interest in contributing to development and implementation of the Action Plan. The Federal Caucus jointly identifies strategies and resources to support actions under NFHAP, ensures that the Action Plan is responsive to resource priorities of the participating agencies, and provides communication links between Federal agencies cooperating under NFHAP and with other NFHAP partners.

Science and Data Committee

The NFHAP Science and Data Committee provides timely recommendations to the National Fish Habitat Board and to Fish Habitat Partnerships on technical and science policies, processes, methodologies, and issues as requested by the Board. Membership consists of experts from State and Federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions.


The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies staffs a full-time NFHAP Communications Coordinator. The Coordinator chairs the Board’s Communications Committee and coordinates outreach with Fish Habitat Partnerships, the Federal Caucus, and other NFHAP units. The Coordinator also serves as the lead for the NFHAP website and is the main press contact.

Partners Coalition

The National Fish Habitat Board works with a broad range of stakeholders to increase coordinated involvement and support for fish habitat conservation at national and regional scales. The Partners Coalition, a unified volunteer group, more than 1,700 strong, gives members an opportunity to actively participate in NFHAP advocacy and projects.

More Fish Campaign

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation launched the Bring Back the Natives/More Fish program as a fundraising initiative to protect, conserve, and enhance the nation’s native fish populations and their habitat. The program complements and supports the Action Plan by investing in on-the-ground projects demonstrating innovative approaches to fish habitat conservation. From cutthroat trout and red snapper to smallmouth bass and eastern brook trout, the More Fish Campaign aims to improve aquatic habitat in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, coastal, and marine areas.


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Last updated: September 24, 2015