Fish and Aquatic Conservation

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(Healthy Fisheries = Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program)

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image of two young children walking on the water with fishing pole and net

Recreation Access

America has great public lands and waters that provide opportunities to recreate outdoors and enjoy nature.
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Fish Passage

Healthy fish need more than just water; they need connected habitat. We are working to connect aquatic habitats!
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Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species can take over local habitats, disrupt existing food chains and cause billions in economic and environmental damages. We are working to prevent these damages.
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stop aquatic hitchhikers and an invasive species

Conservation through Participation

The Service provides hands on experiences to engage communities in becoming part of the solution to conserve America’s fisheries.
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Fish and Wildlife Service employees working in a lab on fish specimens

Fish Health

Scientists monitor the health of fish and amphibians in captivity and in the wild and prescribe remedies as needed. This work helps add value to your fishing experiences!
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Fish Medicine

The Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership program is a national leader in the research and development of fish medications used in aquaculture and fisheries management across the country improving the health and abundance of America’s fisheries.
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Fish Production

National hatcheries contribute to better fishing by raising and stocking fish for recreation and maintaining threatened species.
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Species and habitat conservation covers a wide range of activities conducted by specialists in habitat restoration, invasive species management, and improving habitat quality.
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Jobs & Economics

Americas 34 million anglers spend $36 billion annually in pursuit of their favored pastime. Fishing is also the foundation of an industry that supports more than 800,000 jobs!
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