Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Science and Technology

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Fishingenunity: Applied Science, and its offspring, technology, steer fisheries conservation practices. Fish Technology Centers assist National Fish Hatcheries by improving conservation techniques and methods. Practitioners at Fish Health Centers monitor the health of fish and amphibians in captivity and in the wild, and prescribe remedies as needed. Scientists conduct nutrition studies and develop fish diets. Researchers at the Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership conduct intensive studies to meet the rigors of useful, new pharmaceuticals for fish.


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Endangered Atlantic salmon conservation needs the assistance of National Fish Hatcheries; those hatcheries are guided by diet and genetics research underway at the Lamar Fish Technology Center in Pennsylvania.  


Fish nutrition, conservation genetics, and fish physiology are among the few leading-edge technology-based programs underway at Abernathy Fish Technology Center in Washington.





The Warm Springs Fish Health Center, based in Georgia, provides fish health diagnostics over a 10-state area in populations held in state or federal hatcheries. Health professionals assess fish in nature via the National Wild Fish Health Survey. The national database is available to all.

Last updated: September 14, 2015