Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Fish and Fish Egg Distribution Reports

The annual reports on fishes and fish eggs distributed by National Fish Hatcheries has changed names many times but in essence it was a continuation of a series of publications issued since 1872. These publications listed current National Fish Hatcheries, all fish species propagated, and the distribution of eggs, fry, fingerlings, and adults by facilities, by states, by programs, etc.

Fishery-related activities of the Fish and Wildlife Service were re-evaluated in the 1970s and early 1980s which resulted in changing responsibilities and priorities. There was less of an emphasis on fishery enhancement and more on restoration of depleted, nationally significant fishery resources and recovery of T&E species. There was also a more comprehensive ecosystem approach to conserving, restoring, and enhancing fish resources. Consequently, there was less of a need for a full report on all the fishes stocked by National Fish Hatcheries and by 1998 the reports were no longer published.