Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Economic Value of Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Since 1871, the Fisheries Program has been a leader in managing species, conserving habitat and sustaining the biological health of America’s aquatic resources. These resources are inextricably tied to the health and wealth of our nation. Benefits include ecological, scientific, aesthetic, recreational, commercial, subsistence, social, cultural—and economic. This report highlights $3.6 billion in contributions to the U.S. economy by the Fisheries Program.

  • 13.5 million angler-days
  • $554 million in retail sales
  • $903 million in industrial output
  • 68,000 jobs
  • $256 million in wages/salaries
  • $37 million in federal tax revenues
  • $35 million in local tax revenues
  • $289 : $1 rate of return for every taxpayer dollar invested into the Fisheries Program
man holding a fish with a young boy in the background