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Background Information

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The USFWS-AADAP program has made available to our current and prospective partners a totally web-based system to manage all aspects of its Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) exemption program. The INAD Program Management System, or IPMS, replaces a paper-based system which was inherently labor-intensive and often prone to recording and transcription errors.

The IPMS is entirely web-based; INAD program partners will now be able (and be required) to complete all “paperwork,” associated with their use of investigational aquaculture drugs, on a secure website. Not only will this eliminate AADAP’s need to transcribe all data from paper forms to an electronic database, but it will minimize, and in some cases eliminate, recording and transcription errors. The IPMS has been designed with a maximum number of drop-down menus, error-checking features and automatic notifications of required actions, etc. to make the investigators’ and monitors’ recording tasks simpler and more accurate.

To create your accounts the study monitor needs to create their account first followed by the investigators. The monitor supervises the studies and ensures the data is submitted on time. Their role in the database is to review the studies only. The investigators are responsible for conducting the studies and entering all data into the database. The monitor and investigator can’t be the same person due to the required oversight of these studies.

Only one investigator/facility account should be created for a location. Multiple investigators at that site may use the same investigator/facility site; however, the main contact person needs to be listed on the Account Information page. Please note that a monitor may have more then one facilities they are a monitor for, but a facility can only have one monitor listed.


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Last updated: November 21, 2016