Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership


Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership and Bozeman Fish Technolgy Center facility. Photo Credit: USFWS

America’s fisheries are among the world’s richest in abundance and diversity. They provide scientific, aesthetic, recreational, commercial, subsistence, cultural, social, and economic benefits. FAC leads aquatic resource management for the Service and strives to invest its resources in the nation’s highest priority aquatic conservation and water-based recreational needs.Fish health is a critical component of healthy fisheries and core to the work of the Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program.

The Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership (AADAP) program is part of the Fish and Aquatic Conservation fish health work. It is the only program in the United States singularly dedicated to obtaining U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of new medications needed for use in fish culture and fisheries management. Since the late 1990’s, AADAP has contributed to virtually every new fish medication approved by the FDA. Ultimately, the AADAP program allows fisheries professionals to more effectively and efficiently rear and manage a variety of fish species to meet production goals, stock healthy fish, and maintain a healthy environment.

AADAP Programs

AADAP staff works with federal agencies, native american tribes, state agencies, universities, and private partners to obtain FDA approval of new medications for use in fish culture and fisheries management. To help maintain compliance, AADAP developed

  1. the national Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) program (NIP),
  2. an applied research program, and
  3. a professional outreach program.

The NIP provides all fish culturists, health biologists, and fishery managers with legal access to a broad variety of experimental medications in the approval process. Research scientists conduct studies that evaluate the safety and efficacy of these experimental medications. Results of these analysis are used to support FDA approval of the drug. AADAP regularly provides fisheries professionals with up-to-date information about existing and pending drug approvals, as well as extensive drug use guidance information like the Quick Desk Reference Guide to Approved Drugs for Use in Aquaculture.