Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Investigational New Animal Drugs (INADs)

Investigational New Animal Drugs (INADs) are drugs that are in the approval pipeline but are not yet approved by FDA for use in the United States. Participation in the AADAP National INAD Program requires enrolling in the program which allows access to one or all of the drugs listed below. For more information on available INADs, what they can be used for, and what data/information that you will be required to submit, visit the links below.  

How to Enroll in the Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD) ProgramA video tutorial that outlines the process of enrollment for study monitors and study investigators.   

INAD U:  Information to help those individuals new to the program (i.e., freshman level) as well as those who have participated for a long time (i.e., senior), and everyone in-between.  

For further assistance, please contact the AADAP program.   

AADAP is pleased to announce that for calendar year 2021, we will not be charging any INAD enrollment fees for the use of any of our INADs. Please see this letter detailing 2021 INAD Fee Suspension from the USFWS' Assistant Director of Fish and Aquatic Conservation, David Hoskins, for further information. INAD participants will still need to enroll with us, as per usual, for the INAD use to be considered legal, and so we can continue to collect the INAD use data. We sincerely thank you for your support for AADAP over the years, as this is what allows us to waive INAD fees for calendar year 2021. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Medicated Feeds

State INAD participant using the Aqui-S 20E INAD to sedate fish for surgery. Photo Credit: Ryan Mann/ Arizona Game and Fish



Injecting the hormone into a ripe striped bass. All striped bass, males and females, are injected with a pellet hormone to induce spawning. Credit: Warm Springs Regional Fishery Center, GA\USFWS.

Spawning Aids