National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center

Did You Know or Do You Know….

Did you know in January 2008 there were currently 626 RXB1 burners and 2033 RXB2 burners? See what the trend is over the next five years by agency.

Current RXB1 Burners
RXB1s + 5 Years
Current RXB2 Burners
RXB2s + 5 Years

Do you know what the age span is of the participants who have attended PFTC over the past six years? See the youngest age and oldest age as it pertains to specific task books.

Participants' Age

In the past nine years, PFTC modules have burned a total of 477,957 acres.  Jurisdiction for those burns breaks down to 78% Federal, 18% State, and 4% NGO and University.

Since 1998 76% (1,222) participants have come from the Western GACC Regions.  The Eastern and Southern GACC Regions have combined for 22% (348) of the attendees and International attendees have contributed to 2% (39) of the participants.

map of geographic area coordination centers regions

The average overtime and per diem cost per participant to their home unit for three weeks of burning in the woods was $5,000.  If the participant was from a Forest Service unit, the PFTC covered those cost during the 21-day session.  Refer to the Training Opportunities tab, Participant Announcement on the web site for agency specifics regarding costs.    


Last Updated: June 28, 2011