Emergency Stabilization & Burned Area Rehabilitation

Emergency Stabilization (ES) and Burned Area Rehabilitation (BAR) are post-wildfire activities that are intended to stabilize and improve lands that have been damaged by wildfire.  The ES and BAR programs are quite different in their intent and implementation.  Following are the definitions of ES and BAR from the Departmental Manual 620 DM 3.

Emergency Stabilization:  Planned actions to stabilize and prevent unacceptable degradation to natural and cultural resources, to minimize threats to life and property resulting from the effects of a fire, or to repair/replace/construct physical improvements necessary to prevent degradation of land or resources.  Emergency stabilization actions must be taken within one year following containment of a wildland fire.

Burned Area Rehabilitation:  Efforts undertaken within three years of containment of a wildland fire to repair or improve fire-damaged lands unlikely to recover naturally to management approved conditions, or to repair or replace minor facilities damaged by fire.

Department of the Interior ES and BAR policy may be found in Departmental Manual 620 DM 3 and may be viewed on the DOI ES and BAR website.



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Last Updated: 01/13/2012