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Emergency Stabilization and Burned Area Rehabilitation Policy and Guidance

Responding to the GAO report entitled Better Information Needed on Effectiveness of Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Treatments, the Wildland Fire Leadership Council established directives for the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service.   The significant policy changes include:

  1. The creation of separate funding structures and plan requirements.
    1. Emergency stabilization (with the Secretaries' emergency borrowing authority)
    2. Rehabilitation (without the Secretaries' emergency borrowing authority).
  2. Limiting emergency stabilization treatment funding to 1 year following control of the fire.
  3. A Burned Area Emergency Response (emergency stabilization) plan development deadline of 7 days following total containment of the fire.
  4. Establishing a priority system for funding rehabilitation activities and treatments.
  5. Stricter reporting and accountability requirements.

Responding to those directives, both the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service have revised their policy manuals.

620 DM 3

In addition the Department of the Interior issued two directives implementing memorandum.

Individual Bureaus are updating their bureau policies to conform with the Departmental policy.

  • BLM - BLM Manual Handbook 1742
  • BIA - Chapter 15 Wildland Fire and Aviation Program Management and Operations Guide 2004
  • NPS - Reference Manual 18 Chapter 12
  • FWS - 095 FW 3

Revised interagency handbooks are under development and should be available in the near future. 

Other compliance requirements include:



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