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BAER Plan Template

A generic Burned Area Emergency Response (emergency stabilization) Plan template was developed to facilitate plan development, review, implementation, and coordination (individual bureaus may have expanded or replace the generic plan template for bureau use).  The template can be expanded or contracted as needed.  Key sections of the plans are: 

  • Burned Area Assessment Report (Appendix I) - These reports provide the foundation for treatment specifications and the information necessary for agency administrators to determine if the treatment specification are compatible with land management planning and appropriate for emergency stabilization funding. 
  • Individual Treatment Specification (Part F) - The individual specifications provide the detailed description of what emergency stabilization activities and/or treatments are recommended and how the effectiveness of each treatment is monitored. Examples of common specifications.
  • Environment Compliance (Appendix II) - This section document the environmental compliance process used.

Downloadable editable files:

Follow plan template development instructions.

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