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Emergency Stabilization Treatment Implementation and Effectiveness

The USDA Forest Service has published a BAER Catalog which includes treatments, instructions, monitoring tools, and references that BAER assessment and implementation teams use to identify appropriate treatments in a BAER emergency.

Implementation and effectives guidance is provided for the following emergeny stabilization treatments:

Hillslope Treatments:  Hillslope treatments are implemented to keep soil place and comprise the greatest effort in most ES and BAR projects.

Channel Treatments: Channel treatments are implemented to modify sediment and water movement in ephemeral or small-order channels, and to prevent flooding and debris torrents that may affect downstream values to be protected. 

Road Treatments:  Road treatments are implemented to increase the water and sediment processing capabilities of roads and road structures. They are not meant to retain water and sediment, but rather to manage its erosive force.

Other Treatment Information


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