Mandatory Consultation Requirements (baseline data sources): Consultation and evaluation of range resources impacted by the wildfire. As a minimum, the following sources may be consulted in obtaining baseline information for developing resource issues, field inventory priorities, emergency stabilization and burned area rehabilitation recommendations:

Data Requirements: Following cursory aerial reconnaissance and the identification of range resources at risk, field inventories are conducted to identify, map and gather data on fire related impacts to:

Data collection should include: where are values at risk located (map); how were these resources damaged (suppression vs. wildland fire); what was damaged (soils, structures, forage resources), how much has been damaged (acres, miles of fence, AUM's etc.).

Management Considerations: An evaluation of values at risk and rehabilitation and management recommendations are made within the assessment report. Management considerations include:

Specific Products: After completing data acquisition and field inventories, the assessor prepares a written analysis report to include: