Mandatory Consultation Requirements (baseline data sources): Consultation and evaluation of structural developments which support visitor use, public safety, routine operations and other structures not identified by others damaged or destroyed by either the wildfire.

As a minimum, the following sources may be consulted in obtaining baseline information for developing facilities issues, determining repair or replacement costs and cost apportionment.

Data Requirements: Following on-site inspection of wildfire damaged facilities the assessor should collect or prepare materials and cost estimates in the following priority:

Data collection should include: where the facilities damaged by the wildfire; does the facility need to be protected from further degradation; what is the human health or safety issue; can human safety be address by simply preventing access or is the facility itself critical to human health and safety; what was damaged (e.g., road signs, emergency access bridges, communication facilities, etc.) and how much has been damaged (feet of fence, number of utility poles, square feet of space, etc.).

Management Considerations: Document the damage sustained, determine site/facility closure procedures, stabilization, repair or replacement cost estimates and make management recommendations within the assessment report. Management considerations include:

Specific Products: After data collection is completed, the assessor prepares a written analysis report to include: