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Burned Area Emergency Response
Technical Specialists

The Interagency Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) maintains lists of qualified wildland fire management technical specialists including people who are skilled in post-wildfire recovery assessments and BAER plan development. These BAER technical specialist are dispatched either individually or as a standing team through the Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS).

There are 10 BAER technical specialist positions established. Individual qualified as a BAER technical specialist can to conduct specific post-wildfire assessments, develop treatment specifications and are knowledgeable of and experienced in BAER incident planning. The following are the 10 BAER technical specialist positions with a link to specific responsibilities, skills/knowledge, training requirements, prerequisite experience, and physical fitness standards and a Qualification Checklist.

Qualification Checklist
BAER Environmental Specialist
BAER Botanist
BAER Cultural Resource Specialist
BAER Hydrologist
BAER Soil Scientist
BAER Geologist
BAER Document Specialist
BAER Forester

The BAER position Qualification Checklists are used to document individual training, prerequisite experience, and physical fitness. Certifying officials can automatically transition individuals who currently meet the required training, prerequisite position requirements and BAER planning experience by completing and signing the individual BAER position Qualification Checklist. In addition, the IQCS incident qualification card authorizing official should write a statement in the justification field similar to this: “This individual is qualified as a (enter the specific BAER position) as they have fulfilled all the tasks in the Qualification Checklist and have been on a BAER incident as a (enter the specific BAER position) in the past five years.”

Current and future trainees for the BAER positions will use the individual Qualification Checklist to record and document their required training and BAER incident planning experience. Because BAER positions are technical specialists, IQCS account managers will need to manually indicate the trainee status in the system.

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