BAER FORESTER (BAFO) - Qualification Checklist




The BAER Forester assesses wildfire impacts to forest resources and develops emergency stabilization recommendations to prevent further site degradation. Coordinate assessment, review, and data collection activities with other BAER technical specialists.


        Assesses forest (timberlands, woodlands, and riparian forests) mortality and assists BAER Botanist in developing a vegetation mortality map.

        Identifies tree hazards (along roads, trails, near recreation sites, buildings), rates trees according to NPS tree hazard rating system.

        Recommends hazard tree emergency stabilization treatments ((including area closure) relative to human risk, debris disposal, visual effects, effects on other resources.††

        Identifies potential hillside soil protection log erosion barrier areas and developments treatment prescriptions.

        In the course of emergency stabilization assessments, documents possible rehabilitation and restoration planning (including forest health, potential salvage and reforestation) opportunities.

        Prepares treatment specifications, including costs of recommended treatments, and equipment and labor sources.

        Prepares specifications for monitoring treatment effectiveness.

        Prepares the Forest Resources Burned Area Assessment including objectives, issues, observations, and recommendations.

        Provides spatial data to the GIS Specialist.

        Prepares the forest resource presentations for public, agency administratorís and close-out meetings and briefing.

      Requests a fax of resource orders from dispatch.

      Prepares and delivers the close-out briefing burned areas assessment summary.

      Prepares copies of the resource field assessment notes, maps and other draft materials and delivers them to the Documentation Specialist as part of the documentation package with sensitive data/notes identified and returned to the local specialists-not to be included in the official documentation package.




        Technical skill as a GS-09 Forester

        Skill in applying the NPS Hazard Tree Assessment process.

        Knowledge of fire ecology and fire response of forest communities.

        Ability to quickly and efficiently locate and synthesize relevant technical information from local land use plans and local and community sources.

        Basic understanding of the potential effects of wildfire on natural and cultural resources and public health and safety.





o    Annual Fire Safety Refresher Training

o    Introduction to Fire Behavior (S-190)

o    Firefighter Training (S-130)

        Additional training which supports development of knowledge and skills

o       Introduction to Incident Command System (I-100)

o       Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation for Non-operations Personnel (S-110)

o       Basic Incident Command (I-200)

o       Interagency BAER Techniques course

o       GPS for ICS

o       GIS (Arcview or ArcGIS)

o       Interagency Helicopter Training Guide (S-271)

o       USFS and NPS Health Protection Tree Hazard Identification

o       Forest Insect and Disease Identification

o       Incident communications and radio training


Prerequisite Experience


     Forester (FORS)

     One satisfactory performance as a BAER Forester trainee


Physical Fitness



Position currency can also be maintained by successful performance a Forester (FORS).