The Environmental Specialist ensures compliance with applicable environmental laws, local approved management plans, Department and agency policies and mandates, and consults with the BAER Team Leader and BAER technical specialists to determine that BAER Plan actions are adequate within applicable laws and regulations.


·        Obtains and reviews copies of existing approved land management plans and associated environmental compliance documentation (e.g., Fire Management Plans, General Management Plans, Area Management Plans, Resources Management Plans, Wilderness Management Plans, EIS, EA, etc).

·        Works with the BAER Team Leader, BAER technical specialists, GIS Specialist IMT, and local agency to identify and obtain the needed base and resource area maps and map data.

·        Obtains all operational period plans and takes the lead in constructing a brief wildfire and BAER incident history and plan executive summary.

·        Conducts on-site inspection and review of proposed treatment specifications in coordination with other BAER technical specialists.

·        Works with the BAER Biologist and Botanist to assure that the ESA Section 7 consultation has been initiated for specifications that may impact listed species.

·        Works with the BAER Cultural Resource Specialist to assure that the NHPA Section 106 process has been initiated for specifications that may impact historic and cultural resources.

·        Takes the lead to assure that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Section 404 process is initiated for specifications that may impact “waters of the United States.”

·        Coordinates development, review, and timely submission of treatment specifications and determines applicable laws, clearances and consultations (Endangered Species Act section 7, Clean Water Act section 401 and 404, National Historic Preservation Act section 106, etc.) affects and needed, respectively.

·        Coordinates development and review of all emergency stabilization treatment specifications to assure consistency with local approved land management plans.

·        Coordinates interdisciplinary review and compliance of treatment specifications to include team, agency and regulatory review.

·        Reviews emergency stabilization treatment specifications for quality assurance and compliance with emergency stabilization policy.

·        Tracks wildfire suppression effort and works with BAER technical specialists to establish deadlines for submission of emergency stabilization treatment specifications and Burned Area Assessments.

·        Reviews and edits Burned Area Assessments for quality, format and environmental compliance.

·        Collaborates with Documentation Specialist in development of BAER Plan including monitoring timely submission of specifications and assessments.

·        Coordinates development of the cost-risk analysis for the emergency stabilization treatments recommended by the team.

·        Develops appropriate National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance documents.




·        Professional skill in the OPM 025, 028, 400 or 1300 series at the GS-09 level

·        Knowledge of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Clean Air Act (CAA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) and Corps of Engineers Permit 37.

·        Detailed understanding of Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Policies.

·        Basic computer skills and understanding of MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel.

·      Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing and proficiency.

·      Ability to quickly and efficiently locate and synthesize relevant technical information from local land use plans and local and community sources.

·      Basic understanding of the potential effects of wildfire on natural and cultural resources and public health and safety.




·        Required

o    Annual Fire Safety Refresher Training

o    Introduction to Fire Behavior (S-190)

o    Fire fighter Training (S-130)

·        Additional training which supports development of knowledge and skills

o       Introduction to Incident Command System (I-100)

o       Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation for Non-operations Personnel (S-110)

o       ESA Section 7 Consultation

o       NHPA Section 106

o       Clean Water Act and associated permitting

o       BAER Team Leader training

o       Interagency Helicopter Training Guide (S-217)

o       Incident communications and radio training


Prerequisite Experience


·        Environmental Specialist (ENSP)

·        One satisfactory performance as a BAER Environmental Specialist trainee.

·        Familiarity with environmental compliance processes including categorical exclusions, environmental assessments and emergency consultations.


Physical Fitness


·        Light


Position currency can also be maintained by successful performance as an  Environmental Specialist (ENSP).