GBAER TEAM LEADER(BAEL) - Qualification Checklist




The BAER Team Leader provides overall leadership and direction for the BAER incident, interacts with the agency administrator and the suppression IMT command staff to facilitate resource assessment by team members, and coordinates the development of the BAER Plan within the limitations specified in the Delegation of Authority.


     Provides team members with an orientation including the status and potential of the wildfire, environmental setting, management goals and objectives, safety and hazards, and agency resources available.

      Coordinates emergency stabilization activities with suppression IMT and communicates with the IMT regarding their wildfire suppression activity damage repair responsibility.

      Coordinates with agency administrator in:

o       Assessing post-wildfire risk, fire effects and values at risk.

o       Developing emergency stabilization treatments with agency resource advisors within the framework of land management objectives.

o       Informing agency staff, tribes, and others of the status of on-going planning and immediate treatment implementation.

o       Monitoring suppression activity repair activities if time allows and reports deficiencies.

o       Assuring appropriate NWCG Interagency Incident Business Management financial and work/rest guidelines are followed.

o       Preparing the agency and local unit for BAER Plan implementation.

o       Informing the public, media, and interest groups.

     Assists agency administrator in resolving BAER issues and the planning of on-going projects.

     Participates with agency administrator in IMT debriefing.

      Reviews resource assessments and proposed emergency stabilization treatments.

      Provides leadership in the formulating BAER Plans:

o       Ensures compliance with agency policy, approved land and fire management plans and operational procedures.

o       Assures emergency stabilization treatments are ecologically and financially appropriate.

o       Ensures plan preparation meets policy timeframes without compromising team safety and work/rest guidelines.

o       Briefs agency administrator, staff and affected parties concerning plan development status.

      Organizes closeout meeting between the BAER Team and the host unit.

      Assists agency administrator with BAER Plan review and approval process.

      Organizes/files BAER documentation.

      Reviews, approves, forwards as suitable administrative BAER incident documentation:

o       Unit Log, daily CTR, Emergency Equipment Shift Ticket, and Emergency Fire Fighter Time Report.

o       Electronic and hard copies of documentation, maps, data sets.

o       Accounting of expenditures

o       Monitoring of treatments

      Educates the agency administrator, local unit and agency into the duties and workload necessary to effectively implement the BAER Plan.

o       Identifies the supervisory skills required to lead the implementation activities.

      Outlines contracting and purchasing services needed and delivery timelines required to successfully implement the planned emergency stabilization treatments and activities.

      Provides post-BAER critique project if requested.

      Ensures that the agency administrator completes the team evaluation.

      Initiate a serious action notification when necessary.




        Professional skill in the 025, 028, 400 or 1300 series at the GS-09 level

        Ability to quickly and efficiently locate and synthesize relevant technical information from local land use plans and local and community sources.

        Basic understanding of the potential effects of wildfire on natural and cultural resources and public safety.

        Knowledge of ICS system and interagency incident business management practices including but not limited to: resource ordering, NWCG safety standards and guidelines, fire business management, time keeping, Federal Acquisition Regulations (especially emergency purchasing authorities).





o       Annual Fire Safety Refresher Training

o       Introduction to Fire Behavior (S-190)

o       Firefighter Training (S-130)

        Additional training which supports development of knowledge and skills

o       Introduction to Incident Command System (I-100)

o       Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation for Non-operations Personnel (S-110)

o       Basic Incident Command System (I-200)

o       Interagency Incident Business Management (S-260)

o       Leadership and Organizational Development (L-381)

o       Interagency Helicopter Training Guide (S-271)

o       Burned Area Emergency Response Team Leader


Prerequisite Experience


        Satisfactory position performance as a Deputy BAER Team Leader, BAER Environmental Specialist, BAER Documentation Specialist, BAER Hydrologist, BAER Soil Scientist, BAER Geologist, BAER Biologist, BAER, Forester, BAER Cultural Resource Specialist, or BAER Botanist

        Two satisfactory performances as a BAER Team Leader trainee.


Physical Fitness




Position currency can also be maintained by successful performance as an ICT 1, 2 or 3, FUM 1 or 2, RXB1 or 2.