The BAER Document Specialist compiles, publishes, and distributes the BAER Plan; maintains electronic files and backups of planning effort; assists team leader and team members with BAER Plan development activities; compiles the supporting documentation to be left with the agency; and prepares the final Powerpoint close-out presentation.


        Establishes plan template prior to team submission of specifications and assessments.

        Coordinates the computer entry of all parts of the BAER Plan.

        Assists BAER Team Leader with production of press releases, team updates, public information brochures and handouts.

        Maintains master computer records of plan products and supporting documentation.

        Compiles and inputs BAER technical specialist reports, specifications, etc. into acceptable report format.

        Develops and enters the necessary graphics for the plan.

        Compiles photo documentation record as provided by team photographer or specialists.

        Provides BAER Plan disks to the agency administrator, BAER Team Leader, and IBAER.

        Maintains existing data files containing previous BAER reports and correspondence.

        Maintains team documentation (administrative) package including delegation of authority, unit logs, supporting documentation, time sheets, purchase orders, team expenses, draft documents, maps, etc., and delivers them to the agency administrator.

        Compiles data summaries relative to plan format.

        Provides teaching/technical assistance to users.

        Creates Powerpoint presentation for closeout briefing.

        Produces camera ready copy of the BAER Plan for production.

        Ensures timely publishing and transmittal of reports to host agency and team members.

        Records minutes of daily team briefings, agency briefings, public meetings, close-out briefings and other meetings and includes in documentation package.

        Supervises Photographer and any computer processing support personnel.




        Advanced practical skills in Microsoft Word application software (Word 2003 or later version). Ability to input, organize and compile a large document within a short timeframe.

        Intermediate skills in Microsoft Publisher or equivalent desktop publishing application software. Ability to create basic graphic pages from image and document sources.

        Intermediate skills in Microsoft PowerPoint application software. Ability to use PowerPoint to create medium to large (50-100 slides) presentations in a short time-frame using image files, text documents, spreadsheet and tables, etc.

        Intermediate skills in Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 (or later version). Ability to use Acrobat to output graphic and document files, make presentations, set up pre-press printer job options, etc.

        Intermediate skill in Adobe Photoshop or equivalent image processing application software. Ability to process digital images for inclusion into copy-ready document pages.

        Intermediate to advanced PC hardware and application skills. Ability to act as computer support for team members for basic PC hardware support, and software application support.

        Ability to use scanning devices to digitize hard copy documents. Ability to create CD-ROMs and DVDs of BAER plan documents and images.

        Basic skills and knowledge of printing and reproduction processes.

        Basic understanding of GIS cartographic products and printing needs.

        Knowledge of natural and cultural resource management policies, and emergency stabilization treatment techniques.

        Ability to quickly and efficiently locate and synthesize relevant technical information from local land use plans and local and community sources.





o       None

        Additional training which supports development of knowledge and skills

o       Introduction to Incident Command System (I-100)

o       Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation for Non-operations Personnel (S-110)

o       Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel and Adobe Acrobat Professional and Photoshop

o       Incident communications and radio training


Prerequisite Experience


        Document Specialist (DOSP)

        One satisfactory performance as a BAER Document Specialist trainee.


Physical Fitness




Position currency can also be maintained by successful performance as a Document Specialist (DOSP).