Fire Management Handbook

FWS Fire Management Handbook

The FWS Fire Management Handbook is a program reference guide that documents the standards for operational procedures and practices for fire management activities in the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These standards and practices are based on current Service, Departmental, and Interagency policy, and are intended to provide program guidance to ensure safe, efficient, and effective wildland fire operations.

The Fire Management Handbook is formatted similarly to the Redbook which should be familiar to all involved in fire management. To minimize duplication, the Fire Management Handbook references, instead of restating, supplemental guidance in the Redbook and other policy and guidance documents.

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FWS Fire Management Handbook 2021
2021 Release Memo
Table of Contents
List of Acronyms
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Chapter 1 Policy and Doctrine Overview
Chapter 2 - Left Intentionally Blank
Chapter 3 - Left Intentionally Blank
Chapter 4 FWS Program Organization and Responsibilities
Chapter 5 - Left Intentionally Blank
Chapter 6 - Left Intentionally Blank
Chapter 7 Safety
Chapter 8 Interagency Coordination and Cooperation
Chapter 9 Planning
Chapter 10 Preparedness
Chapter 11 Incident Management
Chapter 12 Suppression Chemicals and Delivery Systems
Chapter 13 Training and Qualifications
Chapter 14 Firefighting Equipment
Chapter 15 Communications
Chapter 16 Aviation Operations and Resources
Chapter 17 Prescribed Fire and Fuels Mgt.
Chapter 18 Reviews, Investigations and Analyses
Chapter 19 Dispatch and Coordination

Last Updated: 01/03/2021