Numerous employment opportunities exist within the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Branch of Fire Management. National, regional and refuge level positions, of a permanent, seasonal or temporary status are continually announced as necessary. Federal jobs all are listed online, through a searchable database at USAJOBS.

Current Vacancies

To review current openings within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, please see our position vacancy listings.

Download - Recruitment Brochure (4MB, pdf)

Web Sites for Fire Jobs

Seasonal/Temporary Applicants

Are you curious about what is expected of a seasonal wildland firefighter? A few questions to ask yourself BEFORE applying for a wildland firefighter position are:

  • Do I enjoy the outdoors?
  • Do I enjoy strenuous physical activities?
  • Am I physically fit?
  • Do I work well with others?
  • Am I willing to travel?
  • Am I willing to work long unusual hours?
  • Am I willing to sleep in a tent for 14 days?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then a USFWS seasonal wildland firefighter position may be right for you!

Learn more by reading the Wildland Firefighter Job Description - Download PDF

Night burnout operation on the Biscuit Complex, 2002. (USFWS)

Night burnout operation on the Biscuit Complex, 2002. (USFWS)


There are three primary web sites to explore when searching for seasonal or permanent employment. CARES, a Fish & Wildlife Service operated site, lists permanent, career-oriented jobs. Seasonal and temporary positions are best found by searching USAJobs and the Department of the Interior Temporary Fire Jobs site.

Tips for first time job searchers:

  • Wildland firefighters are classified as Forestry Technicians/Aids or Range Technicians/Aids.
  • When searching by job "series", use 0462 (Forestry Technician/Aid) and/or 0455 (Range Technician/Aid).
  • Expand your search area to the state or national level; it will increase your chance of finding jobs.
  • If this is your first time applying, search lower pay grade levels, as it will also increase the number of applicable jobs.
  • Read jobs announcements CAREFULLY and ensure you submit ALL required documents in order to be considered for a job

Last Updated: 05/28/2014