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Eastern Neck National Wildlife RefugeCompletes 31 Acres of Forested Buffer Restoration
Northeast Region, May 15, 2011
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Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), part of the Chesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex has completed the restoration of 31 acres of forested buffers around the island.  The lower edges of five agricultural fields were planted to increase the width of forested habitat to a minimum of 330 feet.  Native species, primarily American sycamore, pin oak, white oak, chestnut oak, black cherry, and loblolly pine were planted.  These buffers will contribute to water quality enhancement in the bay by reducing run-off from upland agricultural fields, as well as provide wildlife habitat. 


This work contributes to the ‘Forest Buffer Outcome’ set in the Chesapeake Bay Executive Order 13508: Strategy for Protecting and Restoring the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  These plantings also play a role in meeting objectives set in the refuge’s 2009 Comprehensive Conservation Plan. 


Contact Info: Matt Whitbeck, 410-228-2692 x115, matt_whitbeck@fws.gov
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