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Green Cafe, An Art and Environmental Lecture and Film Series At The Kettle Pond Visitor Center Began Its Spring Season On January 29th, 2010
Northeast Region, March 2, 2010
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Cover of the book
Cover of the book "World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of Marine Life," topic for discussion at the March Event of the Green Cafe Art and Environmental Lecture and Film Series. - Photo Credit: n/a

The theme for this springs's Green Cafe is "Voices For The Earth."  The series highlights films and books on environmentalists who have become crusaders, "voices", in the protection and conservation of the earth and its creatures.  The spring series marks the first one that is coordinated by the Green Vision Committee, a committee developed by Ana Flores, recent Artist in Residence at the Center.  This committee involves the community and is made up of an artist, architect, biologist, local farmer, community organizer, business man and an executive director of an environmental organization.  It is this committee who collectively plan the Green Cafe' Series and whose members take over the creative production of events. 

Schedule of Events:

January 29th, A Sense of Wonder, a film about Rachel Carson's love for the natural world and her fight to defend it.  Using many of Miss Carson's own words, Kaiulani Lee embodies this extraordinary woman in a documentary-style film.. Janis Nepshinsky, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sense of Wonder Award Winner 2005, will introduce the film. "The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction;" Rachel Carson 1954.

February 26th, Silent Spring, the film.  Witness the story of how the passionate biologist and environmentalist, Rachel Carson, exposed the effect of the unregulated use of pesticides by the federal government when she published her controversial work, Silent Spring, in 1962.  Learn about organic farming and community supplied agriculture from local farmers; and see how ecologically sound farming practices at local farms contribute to building a healthy community.

March 26th, World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of Marine Life, a new book by three writers associated with the University of Rhode Island: Darlene Trew Crist, a science writer, Gail Scowcroft, the associate director of URI's Office of Marine Programs and Executive Director of the National Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence and James Harding, a marine scientist.  Scientist employed icebreaking vessels, manned and unmanned submarines, and  deep-towed vehicles pulled behind vessels to discover what is currently in the ocean.   These three scientists continue Rachel Carson's passion of writing about the ocean and its amazing creatures.  Carson's book The Sea Around Us (1951) was on the best seller's list for 86 weeks.

April 30th, "A Celebration of Local Food".  Join us for an evening featuring a panel discussion by local farmers with talks on urban gardening and food co-ops and sharing ideas to involve young people in local agriculture.  Share in tasting foods farmed locally, both on the land and in the waters.  Watch eco-films by the Greeenhouse Teen Group and enjoy live music.


Contact Info: Janis Nepshinsky, 4013649124 ext 28, janis_nepshinsky@fws.gov
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