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Chesapeake Bay Field Office Workshops Help State Partners Develop Conservation Plans to Benefit Threatened and Endangered Species
Northeast Region, January 21, 2010
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bog turtle, Michelle Eversen, FWS
bog turtle, Michelle Eversen, FWS - Photo Credit: n/a
Delmarva fox squirrel, W.H.Julian courtesy FWS
Delmarva fox squirrel, W.H.Julian courtesy FWS - Photo Credit: n/a

Chesapeake Bay Field Office (CBFO) Threatened and Endangered Species biologists and Partners for Fish and Wildlife biologists assisted the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD DNR) conduct two training workshops for NRCS staff.

The objectives of the workshops were to highlight the life histories of federal and state listed plant and animal species, and provide instruction in the use of the programmatic threatened and endangered species review process. Bog turtle, Indiana bat, dwarf wedge mussel and Delmarva fox squirrel were among some of the species discussed.

The NRCS practice standards, in combination with the MD DNR Natural Heritage geospatial data allows Maryland Department of Agriculture planners and NRCS soil conservationists to develop conservation plans that do not adversely affect threatened and endangered species or actually benefit federal trust species as well as Maryland state trust species.

A decision matrix, developed by CBFO biologists in concert with the MD NRCS state biologists, provides field staff with guidance on when a project is in compliance with Endangered Species Act or when further consultation or coordination may be necessary. A total of 80 people attended the training workshops.

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