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Chesapeake Bay Field Office Hosts Chinese Conservation Delegation
Northeast Region, January 11, 2010
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Bald eagle mount gets the attention of Chinese partipants, Laurie Hewitt, USFWS
Bald eagle mount gets the attention of Chinese partipants, Laurie Hewitt, USFWS - Photo Credit: n/a
CBFO's Sherry Krest shows delegation a deformed frog, Laurie Hewitt USFWS
CBFO's Sherry Krest shows delegation a deformed frog, Laurie Hewitt USFWS - Photo Credit: n/a

Environmental professionals from China's Guangdong Province Forestry Ministry visited the Chesapeake Bay Field Office, organized by the Service's Division of International Conservation. An open forum provided the backdrop for the exchange of information in the field of fish and wildlife conservation, management and natural area protection.


Chesapeake Bay Field Office staff highlighted some of the tools and techniques used to protect lands, restore steams, wetlands and other critical habitats, protect endangered species and provide fish passage which the delegation found very useful for their goals.


"I was very impressed by the scientific robustness of the presentations by the Chesapeake Bay Field Office, commented Bryan Arroyo, Assistant Director Fisheries and Habitat Conservation. "The Field Office and Fisheries staff provided great presentations and our guests were most impressed with their professionalism and technical capacity." 


Situated in the southernmost part of mainland China, the hills and mountains of the Guangdong Province had been covered by forests. In 1985, a "green revolution" began and all the forestless mountains had been afforested, through the work of the Guangdong Province Forestry Ministry. Today this work continues with sustainable the multi-purpose forestry and natural resource management.

This visit is part of a larger effort by the Service known as the China Program where wildlife managers from both countries exchange information and specialists to address wildlife trade issues, and wetlands, river, and floodplain management.


This was the Chinese group's second visit to the Chesapeake Bay area in recent years. In May of 2009, the Chesapeake Bay Field Office hosted a Chinese delegation which learned about and then toured the protected and restored habitats around the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


In September 2009 the Guangdong Province Forestry Ministry co-hosted a group of Service specialists including, Chesapeake Bay Field Office Supervisor Leopoldo Miranda, to learn about China's wetland restoration and management programs.


"I think that this kind of international exchange and information sharing helps us see different approaches and learn new ways of protecting and managing our fish and wildlife resources," concluded Leopoldo Miranda, Supervisor Chesapeake Bay Field Office.

For more information contact:

Leopoldo Miranda




To see more about:

The Guongdong Province, visit: www.gdf.gov.cn/english

The China Program, visit: www.fws.gov/international/DIC/regional%20programs/china/china.html

The Chesapeake Bay Field Office, visit: www.fws.gov/chesapeakebay




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