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Osprey Adventure
Northeast Region, March 26, 2008
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Osprey Adventure is a children’s story about a boy and his biologist father who save a young osprey from certain death. The boy is concerned when he spies a trash bag in an osprey nest. He and his dad boat around the bird’s channel marker and learn that, not only does the raptor’s home contain trash, but one of the fish hawks has become tangled in fishing line and is gravely ill.


This story is based on the work Pete McGowan, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Chesapeake Bay Field Office biologist, who has studied osprey for years. He believes that half or more of all osprey nests on the bay and surrounding rivers contain fishing lines, or similar cordage material. This story describes a big problem among these well-known birds of prey. http://www.cmptp.com/


Media attention from this new book spawned both radio (Annapolis- WRNR) and newspaper (Washington POst) interviews with biologist Pete McGowan highlighting this issue even more. 

Contact Info: Kathryn Reshetiloff, 410-573-4582, kathryn_reshetiloff@fws.gov
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